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Has your Lean programme stalled (or never even started)?

December 9th, 2009

Lean manufacturing techniques enable companies to dramatically improve their customer service, reduce their costs and improve their quality. The origins of Lean Manufacturing are over 50 years old, Toyota first started developing the new thinking and methods that became Lean in the 1950s. Toyota has used Lean to help it  become the largest automotive company in the world, overtaking Ford and GM in the process.

Lean techniques have been written and spoken about in the West since the 1970s – yet few Western manufacturers would claim to be Lean manufacturers. Most factories will have tried Lean and most have also failed to truly reap the benefits from Lean. Why is this so?

Our new whitepaper ‘The Lean Manufacturer – a rare beast’, written by Martyn Luscombe and Alastair Ross seeks to answer this question. It is based on the authors’ experience of implementing and assessing Lean programmes over the last 20 years and incorporates input from a number of major manufacturers. To get your free copy, go to www.codexx.com/knowledge

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