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Business Innovator

Our YouTube channel shares learning and methods drawn from experience in helping our clients improve their competitiveness.

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Here are some links to some good innovation resources. They include blogs and generally inspiring stuff.

Smarter Working Animation

Learn how Smarter Working can help your Law Firm

BIS - Innovation

BIS – UK Government department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Innovation - Wikipedia

Innovation - Wikipedia source

Realise Product Design

A Codexx partner specialising in innovative, fast product development & branding

The myths of innovation

The myths of innovation - video lecture by Google

Business Link

Business Link - innovation information and resources

"Managers in the west spend most of their time making the inevitable happen – they have 5% minds. Historically, new management innovation … has originated where managers have a 25% mind.

Professor Sumantra Ghoshal

London Business School

Energizing Change

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