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Smarter Working – helping law firms find their mojo

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

How can law firms respond to increasingly tough business environment, deregulation and the march of internet-enabled business models?

We advocate the application of ‘Smarter Working’ – an approach that embraces re-engineering and innovation to address both value and cost. Codexx has been applying Smarter Working methods with major UK law firms since 2005.

To help change leaders understand this we have just produced this short video ‘Smarter Working – helping law firms find their mojo’:

Legal Re-engineering – Masterclass and Whitepaper

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

The tough economic environment is driving an increased cost focus across businesses, causing budgets to be cut and cost reduction measures to be introduced. This cost-down pressure rolls back through the supply chain, impacting other businesses. Professional services organisations, such as Law Firms, are not immune to this. In the UK this pressure for change has come on top of ongoing deregulation in the legal sector. Law firm management is looking at ways of increasing their own efficiency to operate within this tougher business environment. We are now seeing increased interest in process re-engineering approaches – typically firms have not applied process management and improvement methods to their work. But needs must, and the current business conditions have created an increasingly ‘hot platform’ for change, giving support to those Partners and Directors seeking new ways of working in their firms.

For those interested in understanding more about business process re-engineering and how it can be applied within law firms, then why not come along to a a masterclass on ‘Re-engineering Law Firm Work for improved efficiency and service’ being given by Alastair Ross, Codexx Director, on behalf of ARK Publications in London on 27th April 2010. He will be sharing his experience gained over the last 20 years in re-engineering across multiple business sectors and with law firms since 2005. For more information, go to http://www.ark-group.com/mp_introduction.asp?ac=887&nc=1&fc=167

In addition we are just completing our latest whitepaper on ‘Business process re-engineering in law firms’ and it is just undergoing peer review with selected firms. This document provides a substantial and practical introduction to re-engineering and how it can be applied in law firms, considering both the opportunities and the challenges to be faced. If you work in a law firm and would like to receive a complimentary copy of the paper, then contact us via our website https://www.codexx.com/contact-codexx.php

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