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New Codexx branding

March 13th, 2015

Working with our design partner, Realise Design, we’ve just updated our Codexx brand logo.

New Codexx logo elements:

  • The removal of the circular ‘improvement arrow’ of the old logo and the use of a leaner and modern font echoes our progressive focus on streamlining working methods using best practices and Lean thinking.
  • We’ve linked the Codexx X’s to model a DNA strand to symbolise our core competency of business innovation – helping our clients innovate the value they provide to customers and their ways of working.
  • We’ve retained our tagline – ‘energizing change’ – that has been with us since we started up in 2002, because it still captures the essence of what we do, in just two words. Assessing, catalysing, provoking, inspiring, focusing, directing, mentoring, supporting and evaluating are other key descriptors in how we help our clients (but we’d never get that past the brand police….).

We hope you like the new logo – we do!

Codexx Logo V3-13 - less space around

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