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Re-Engineer your services

Are you looking to dramatically improve the efficiency and value of your services? Then let us help you create new services that operate at significantly reduced cost whilst delivering higher value and quality.

Transform your service efficiency and value

Smarter Working is our results-focused re-engineering approach, based on over 20 years experience in re-engineering services and business processes in knowledge-intensive work such as professional services, R&D and production support.

Smarter Working tackles the problem of uncompetitive performance by examining services / processes in a systematic and challenging way, determining client requirements, analysing the way the service is performed today and then designing and implementing a significantly better way of delivering it – that strips out cost and improves value and service experience to clients.

smarter working

Key elements of Smarter Working include:

  • A collaborative approach with a core team of your people
  • Mapping the current service and understanding client needs
  • Challenging the current way of doing things – using Lean thinking
  • Identifying opportunities for cost reduction and value improvement
  • Designing a much improved service – the ‘TO-BE’
  • Supporting you in implementing the new service



We have proven success in re-engineering over 30 services and processes for both service and industrial businesses. Our projects have generated cost reductions typically between 25-50% whilst improving quality and value . Our approach is systematic, collaborative and employs best practices such as Lean, Value Analysis and Service Redesign.


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"Codexx worked with us to re-engineer our key Probate process. The result is a higher quality service to our clients at a much lower cost. We subsequently engaged Codexx to perform additional re-engineering work in other areas."

Rachel Brooks

Head of Private Client
Blake Morgan

"Codexx helped us establish and run a programme to enhance the delivery of our legal services. We can see significant and measurable benefits from the services that have completed the programme."

Duncan Weir

Managing Partner
Bevan Brittan

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