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Transformation in Professional Services

There's a great opportunity for professional services organisations, such as law firms, accountants, consultants and architects to learn from proven industrial practices. However, the business model and culture within service firms is quite different.

Professional Services Case Studies

We have strong experience of working with professional services firms to improve their performance through the application of best practices, encompassing systematic innovation, strategy development, process re-engineering.

The challenge for Law Firms

Law Firms in the UK are facing the challenges of deregulation enabled by the Legal Services Bill, which will open up the market for new entrants and new law firm business models. They also have the challenges of differentiating themselves in an increasingly crowded market with more demanding commercial and private clients. Forward-looking law firms are seeking to improve their innovation capabilities. Recent Codexx projects in this sector include assisting one Top 50 UK Law firm to design and implement a New Product Innovation system and bring a new mediation product to market in record time.  We helped another Top 50 UK firm develop innovation opportunities in one of their business sectors, using our Catalyst workshop. We have also helped firms reduce costs and improve service through re-engineering of key processes such as Probate, Due Diligence and Property. Why not read our whitepapers on innovation in a Law Firm or Professional Services Re-engineering?

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Improving innovation capabilities in Litigation

What was the challenge?

A top 50 UK law firm was looking to improve the ability of its Litigation Department to develop new products and get them to market.

What did we do?

Codexx developed and introduced an Innovation Process for the Litigation Group (which was subsequently rolled out across the firm); ran an innovation workshop with Litigation partners and helped develop new litigation products. A new mediation product was brought to market in half the time previously achieved.

Assessing innovation capabilities in services firms

What was the challenge?

A number of services firms wished to kick-start their innovation improvement by understanding the effectiveness of their current approach to innovation.

What did we do?

Codexx applied its 'Foundations for Innovation' (F4i) solution to assess firms’ innovation practices and performance and identify improvement requirements. This provided firms with a clear agenda for improvement.

Innovation System for Law Firm

What was the challenge?

A Top 50 UK law firm wished to significantly growth their innovation capabilities.

What did we do?

Codexx worked with the firm to develop and deploy an Innovation Process with a supporting organisation and tools, a Balanced Scorecard for the firm and a 5 year Vision & Strategy for the Private Client and Litigation departments. Innovation Catalyst workshops were used in Litigation, Private Client, Real Estate and Commercial departments to kick-start changes in innovation and the generation of new ideas. The firm was subsequently highly commended in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards for its approach to Innovation Management.

Law Firm Re-engineering

What was the challenge?

A top 50 UK law firm needed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a number of its key business processes.

What did we do?

Codexx worked with the firm to re-engineer their Probate, Due Diligence and Property Conveyancing processes and organization. We applied our Vector re-engineering approach, incorporating Lean Business thinking. This created significant changes in the processes together with cost reductions of up to 40%.

Development of Sustainable Technology Centre

What was the challenge?

A leading UK environmental charity had identified the opportunity for a new centre for sustainable engineering and needed support to evaluate the proposition and if appropriate, support it in taking it through to launch.

What did we do?

Codexx performed an assessment of the business proposition and evaluated stakeholder requirements, optimum structure and governance. It made recommendations as to the governance model and key propositions. These were accepted and Codexx was re-engaged to help develop the proposed centre. This required the development of offerings, business processes and a business model, together with the recruitment of partners and funders and the validation of offerings through surveys. This led to the establishment of the Centre for Sustainable Engineering in 2004.

Development of innovative Financial Services offering

What was the challenge?

The UK arm of a major financial services company wanted a new approach in evaluating specific business sectors.

What did we do?

Codexx was engaged to develop an innovative new offering. We assembled a team of consultants and leading UK academics to develop an innovative new offering for the company.

Strategy study for Environmental sector

What was the challenge?

Codexx were asked to provide the strategic lead for a study on the European environmental goods and services sector.

What did we do?

We employed Scenario Planning and Strategic Road-mapping tools to identify relevant scenarios and explore the ability of UK industry and government to exploit the environmental business opportunities. The project required working with public sector, NGOs and industrial organisations

Improving management skills in innovation

What was the challenge?

A leading Belgian services firm wanted innovation training for its management.

What did we do?

Codexx provided Innovation Leadership training in the Netherlands and Belgium.

"Codexx worked closely with us to help us develop our firm-wide innovation process, management system and scorecard. This has given us a very effective process for developing innovative ideas into new services or ways of working.

Our achievement was recognised by a Highly Commended rating in the 2007 Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Awards."

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