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Codexx Industrial clients

Transformation in Manufacturing

Manufacturers in the West are challenged by increasingly high-tech rivals from low cost countries. Success requires a clear strategy for differentiation and positive action.

Industrial Sector Case Studies

We can help companies in the development of differentiated strategies, using benchmarking to identify improvements required and improving innovation and Continuous Improvement within the business.

Codexx consultants have strong expertise in the manufacturing sector based on their practitioner experience gained from working as Production managers, engineers and planners in manufacturing. Our consultants have worked with major clients world-wide. We also have good links with leading UK universities and business schools to ensure we can bring the latest thinking in manaufacturing and supply chain management to our clients.

Continuous Improvement

What was the challenge?

This major international manufacturer’s Continuous Improvement efforts had stalled in 8 key factories.

What did we do?

As part of a regular benchmarking assessment we reviewed the their CI approach against a best practice maturity model and our F4i innovation system model using interviews and workshops. We identified key improvement needs, covering approaches in CI and Lean enablers. The company has embedded the improvements needed for CI in its manufacturing improvement strategy.

Developing World Class Manufacturing

What was the challenge?

In 1996, this major international pump manufacturer established a goal of World Class manufacturing in its factories.

What did we do?

Codexx consultants have worked with the company since 1996 to establish manufacturing best practices using Lean principles and utilizing best practices benchmarking. Most recently we performed a multi-site best practices benchmark assessment of 8 manufacturing plants. Factories have moved from below average practices to world class practices.

Improving practices in supply chain management

What was the challenge?

An international manufacturing group wished to improve their supply chain management as part of their drive to World Class Manufacturing.

What did we do?

Codexx performed a supply chain assessment using our SCAN solution on 4 international supply chains. This involved interviewing key customers and suppliers, assessment of supply chain practices and performance using workshops and analysis and the creation of supply chain maps. The findings became part of the company’s improvement strategy.

Improving innovation capabilities

What was the challenge?

This international engineering company is known as the innovator in its market and wanted to ensure that its product development operations were applying best practices in innovation.

What did we do?

Codexx performed an innovation capabilities assessment of the international development centre, covering the development of new products and services and strategic innovation and involving over 200 managers and employees. The Codexx team comprised consultants and academics from leading UK business schols, using Codexx and academic assessment tools. The assessment identified improvements which became part of the company’s innovation strategy.

Manufacturing Strategy Development

What was the challenge?

This leading UK manufacturer of health care products was seeking to dramatically improve its manufacturing performance and needed a clear manufacturing vision and strategy.

What did we do?

We applied our PRISM vision & strategy development approach, working closely with the Operations Director to develop and put into action a clear vision and executable strategy, supported by a benefits case. The company subsequently won a Manufacturing Excellence award.

Study of best practices in mid-sized manufacturers

What was the challenge?

A UK government department wished to better understand the challenges and support needs for an important manufacturing sub-sector and commissioned Codexx to perform a study on this.

What did we do?

We engaged with 25 companies within this sector and examined their practices, their approach to improvement and related challenges. We identified common characteristics and the effectiveness of available support. This study was used to help develop government support strategies for manufacturing companies.

Development of Supply Chain Strategy

What was the challenge?

A major manufacturer of engineering products needed a long term strategy for its global supply chain management.

What did we do?

We worked closely with the Supply Chain Director, the Logistics and Marketing groups to develop a long term vision and strategy for the company’s supply chain that aligned with the business strategy and trends in market and product mix. Gap analysis of current capabilities enabled us to define a practical improvement strategy.

"Your ideas on the activities of a World Class Manufacturing organisation initiated healthy discussion."

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