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Need to kick-start your innovation programme?

You may be looking to develop an innovative new service or re-engineer an existing one. Perhaps you are looking to accelerate your existing innovation activities. Whatever the reason, we have a number of effective workshops that can quickly and cost-effectively help you make these things happen:

  • Catalyser
  • Ideation Workout

How we kick-start your innovation


Catalyser is our proven approach for quickly generating innovative and transformational options. It uses a mix of education, provocation, creative and analytic tools and a collaborative approach to identify opportunities for innovation in your business. Catalyser is performed in a 1-day workshop for 8-12 attendees with telephone/email preparation and followed by a summary report capturing the key findings from the workshop. Catalyser is typically used with a department or team to help them get started in an innovation programme by arming them with an understanding of innovation together with an inventory of new ideas relevant to their business area.

Ideation Workout

Ideation Workout is used to develop innovation concepts for a defined focus area – for example a service, a strategy or an existing business problem. It uses collaborative challenges, problem solving and idea generation to deliver an inventory of ideas and subsequent concepts for innovating the focus area. This is an effective way of kick-starting innovation or problem solving in a defined area. It is typically run as a half-day workshop for 8-12 attendees.


We have performed Catalyser workshops for companies in the Professional Services, Telecoms, Electronics and General Manufacturing sectors.

To find out how this could work for you, contact Codexx.

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"We used Codexx to help us identify new opportunities for innovation in our key public sector group. This was very effective in energising our team and defining a number of new service lines."

Michael Pether

Head of Public Sector,
Berrymans Lace Mawer

Energizing Change

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