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Consulting skills at the University of Southampton Business School

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Alastair Ross, Director of Codexx, is again delivering the Consulting Skills lecture programme to MSc students at the University of Southampton business school from November 2019 to January 2020. This year there are 206 students signed up for the course. The programme is being delivered in the new Centenary building opened this autumn.

Thinking about value – new book

Monday, June 24th, 2019

A new book to help business improve their effectiveness in product and service innovation has just been published by Alastair Ross, Director of Codexx. ‘Thinking about value’ is a practical workbook for businesses – both large and small – to review and innovate their products or services to better meet customer needs.

The book introduces a new framework for value analysis and innovation – the value table – tested in consulting projects and in MBA teaching over the last 4 years. The model encourages a broader view of value propositions – beyond the typical focus of functionality and price – to better understand and meet customer needs.

50 innovation approaches are discussed in the book, together with plentiful case studies. ‘Thinking about value’ is intended for innovation teams looking to enhance existing or develop new value propositions. It includes detailed approaches for identifying unmet customer needs and developing new product/service/platform concepts to address them.

The book is available as a paperback on Amazon, at a special launch price until the end of July 2019. To view and order Thinking about value, go to Amazon.

If you are interested in ordering large quantities of the book, contact Codexx directly.

Innovation and Consulting to MBA students

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Alastair Ross is teaching innovation and consulting skills on the MBA programme at the University of Southampton Business School this spring – and supporting the programme’s innovation projects in Brazil. Alastair has prevously lectured on innovation and consulting to MSc students at the University of Southampton Business School and the University of Exeter MBA programme.


Professional development in an age of uncertainty

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Yesterday the University of Exeter Business School presented its report on professional development and the needs of Executive Education in a seminar at the Business School.

‘Executive education in an age of uncertainty’ shared the findings of a study involving nearly 50 business and public sector organisations in the South of England.

Codexx was pleased to be involved in the study as the lead research partner and build on its existing relationship with the Business School by supporting Bill Russell, the Director of Executive Education in this project. 

The report provides insights into the challenges and approaches organisations are taking for professional development in these ‘uncertain’ times – with a combination of Brexit, economic challenges, accelerating technology and new business models. It also identifies key requirements for the providers of Executive Education based on the feedback from organisations in the study interviews and questionnaire.

The report also shares the new degree and executive education services the Business School will be launching from 2018, enabling organisations to make use of the Apprenticeship Levy for Level 6 and Level 7 personnel development.

You can read the report here.

Executive Education in an age of uncertainty

For more information on the Executive Education programmes, contact the University of Exeter Business School here.


International SAP Conference for Professional Services – October 2017

Monday, September 11th, 2017

How can Enterprise Systems like SAP enhance the performance of professional service firms? To help answer this question, SAP will be hosting their first international conference for Professional Services in Amsterdam on the 10-1th October 2017.

Alastair Ross, Director of Codexx, will be presenting on the 11th October in a special forum on ‘Driving Successful Innovation in Professional Service Firms’. His presentation will address key aspects such as:

  • Forces for and against change within professional services
  • The need for an holistic approach – People, process and IT
  • Establishing an environment for innovation
  • Re-engineering & automating services delivery – Key success factors.

Further information on the conference and presenters.

Innovating value for global markets – Institute of Export event

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Institute of Export logo

Alastair Ross, Director of Codexx, is presenting at the Institute of Export and International Trade event on Thursday 6th July 2017 – ‘Blueprint for Global Britain’ which is being held at the University of Plymouth.

The event is aimed at businesses in the South West of the UK that are working in international trade. The event will examine the issues and opportunities in accessing new markets and the debate will help to shape the future of international trade.

Alastair Ross will present on ‘Innovating product and service value for global markets‘. His presentation will show how businesses can optimise their product or service proposition for different international markets by assessing the value requirements of users and how they vary by market and geography and then tuning their offering – or providing suitable support services – accordingly. The presentation shares learning based on Codexx innovation projects and makes use of the Value Table model.

For more information on the event: Blueprint for a global Britain.

New videos – value-based innovation & behavioural change

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Front page 5
New videos have been added to the our YouTube channel ‘Business Innovator’. The Business Innovator channel is our channel for sharing innovation approaches and our professional experience with a wide community of businesses, change agents and students.

Videos are intentionally short – to provide interest and insights within ‘bite-sized’ chunks.

Latest videos include:

Thinking about value and how to innovate it

The importance of behavioural change in business transformation

Why not take a look –  we hope you find them useful – and we welcome any comments!


New innovation videos

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Screen shot at beginningTwo new videos have been added to the our YouTube channel ‘Business Innovator’. The Business Innovator channel is our new channel for sharing innovation approaches and our professional experience with a wide community of businesses, change agents and students. Our videos will be intentionally short – to provide interest and insights within ‘bite-sized’ chunks.

The first new video introduces business innovation as a ‘journey to value’ and explains how innovation mastery comes from the application of an holistic and systematic approach to innovation within a business. Watch video here.

The second video looks at innovating service design and delivery in Professional Service firms and identifies 5 key success factors, based on Codexx project experience. Watch video here.

We hope you find them useful – and we look forward to your comments.

Let us know areas you would like us to cover in future videos.

New book – ‘Sowing the seeds of business transformation’

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Alastair Ross’s new book Sowing the seeds of business transformation was published on the 18th February and is available in paperback on Amazon. The book is aimed at change leaders who are seeking inspiration and guidance for transformation in their own businesses – in both industrial and knowledge intensive service sectors.

Cover with text for Codexx blog

It is a practical guide, based on project work and detailed case studies and is suitable for transformation projects in a single service or process, a function or department, business unit or firm wide.

Sowing the seeds of business transformation examines key transformation-enabling tools and methods such as Value Analysis, Systematic Innovation, Lean, User-Experience, Re-engineering, Continuous Improvement, Business Model Innovation and Digitisation.

Multiple case studies are used to illustrate the use of these methods including businesses such as Nokia, IBM, Blackberry, Apple, Allianz, British Airways, Amazon, Nintendo, AXA and Ryanair. The book also provides proven frameworks and effective approaches to enable a programme of business transformation.

For more information on the book, to read sample pages or order copies, go to Amazon.


Designing complex services – better services in a better way

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Codexx launch a new solution: Structured Service Development

Complex services for a more demanding world

Businesses providing complex or ‘knowledge intensive’ services – such as law firms, accountants, management consultants, R&D organisations and specialist advisors – are facing increasing business pressures. They need to design new services that meet ever increasing client demands in:

  • What is delivered – new functionality to meet new client requirements
  • The way it is delivered – making use of the internet as part of delivery
  • The form in which it is delivered – to fit clients’ own business processes
  • How well is it delivered – meeting explicit quality and regulatory requirements
  • The price of the service – more for less and increasingly at a fixed price

And the increasing level of competition (including new local and global rivals) mean that doing this profitably is often a challenge. The ‘old ways’ of developing services – informal and often ad hoc – that worked in the past will not be good enough in the future. Service businesses need to take a leaf out of the manufacturers’ cookbook for developing new products and create a new more structured and cohesive approach for developing complex services.

Structured Service Development process

To help clients in developing new services in today’s challenging business environment, Codexx has launched a new solution: ‘Structured Service Development‘ which is based on our work in complex services over the past 15 years where we have developed or re-engineered more than 25 services in multiple sectors including: legal, financial, consulting, environmental and industrial. For more information on this service read the solution flyer: Designing complex services – new Codexx offering – May 2016.

If you would like to discuss how Codexx could support you in the development of new services, the re-engineering of existing services or in improving the management of service delivery, contact us.

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